Monday, January 04, 2010

New Years Eve

We spent New Years Eve with our friends. We were very happy to have friends host a party at their house because going downtown is a nightmare. Charlie and Jen's house is laid out perfectly for a party, their kitchen opens up to their dining room and their living room. I think there was about 30-40 people at their party, and most of our good friends were there. It was a great night, but I wish we had left a little earlier. We were having such a good time that we didn't realize it was 3:00am :) We then said our good byes and hit the road to get some much needed sleep at home.

I hope that each of you had a fun and safe new year! I'm looking forward to 2010 and what it holds for each of us!

I was talking to my friend Vanessa when I looked up and saw that Chris and Lindsay walked into the house. We started to make our way over to say hello when I noticed something familiar... we were wearing the SAME SHIRT!! I had gone out that afternoon searching for something to wear to the party and I came up with 2 different shirts. Of course I had to pick the one that Lindsay also picked :) Well, if I have to be wearing the same thing as another person at a party, I'm glad it was Lindsay :)

Chris in between the shirt twins

Right after Lindsay and I noticed we were wearing the same thing, I looked up to see Jim talking to Chris and that is when I saw their shirts were very similar. Not the same, but damn close! What is with our fashion choices!?!? :)

Jen, Charlie(our gracious hosts), Matt and Vanessa

Jenn was having a great time! I was glad to see it because I know when you have a party at your house, you can get side tracked by making sure everything is okay
Our New Years Eve kiss!!
It takes talent to hold a drink, kiss your husband, and take a self portrait of it.

Tammy, Lindsay, Tiffany, me and Vanessa.

There was a cute decoration hanging off of the ceiling that I used for a prop for the photo. However, you can't really see the top hat that I am holding on my head.

I wish I could remember what in the hell these two are doing... I'm just going to assume they are pretending to either a) playing with their balls or b) pretending to be a monkey

Julie, Jenn, Vanessa and I.
I went with straight hair for the event. I love my curls, but I really enjoy doing something different even if it takes me an hour to get straight hair. I am getting better at it so now most of the time I don't have super frizzies when I straighten my hair.

Jim, Chris, John, Charlie, Chris, Matt, Mike and Joe

Jim giving us some lovin

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