Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Random Pictures

Last night was a great night for photos! We had some really thick fog so I ran outside with my camera and tripod for some photos. I'm sure I freaked out some of my neighbors, but luckily I didn't notice any neighbor looking out their windows :) I also added some photos from the other day.

Taylor on the look out for any intruders in the back yard
My sweet baby!

On our street last night. It was fairly quiet so I had to wait for cars to drive by to take photos. One car per 5-8 minutes would drive by. I gave up after a bit :)

I was trying to find a way to show the fog because it was very thick and you could see the little droplets even though it didn't really make anything wet.

A week or so ago we had this visitor on our back porch. It was raining, so I'm sure that he just wanted a dry place to hang out. He stuck around for about an hour and then took off. I don't know if it is the same owl, but we do hear 'hooting" every once in awhile at night.

I was in the back yard checking out the trees and Chewie stayed by the fence the entire time, makeing sure his mama was okay.

Our tree in the back yard has the best color leaves in the fall.


Sam said...

Great shots. Taylor looks serious. Keri

Dana said...

Thank you! Taylor can be goofy, but only after she makes sure the yard is "secure" :)