Sunday, January 24, 2010

Sunday in the Park

Yesterday we took advantage of the great weather (low 70's) and headed out to Lady Bird Lake to walk the dogs. I love going down there because there is great people watching and the dogs can interact with other dogs in the area. We headed over to the off leash area for the dogs but we kept our guys on a leash. Chewie is normally pretty good and won't stray to far but Taylor puts her nose to the ground and takes off. We had a few dogs come up and say hi but Taylor was more interested in getting into the water and Chewie was more interested in what his bigger sister was doing. I brought my camera to get some pictures of the kids, but I there was to much stimulus going around that I couldn't get them to focus on the camera :) I did get a few good shots, so it was worth it!

Taylor loves the camera, she is mama's little ham. She stayed there for a few minutes letting me take pictures of her.

I tried to get them to sit together for the same shot, but I couldn't get them to sit still at the same time. This was as close as I could get them together and sitting (Taylor was in the process of getting up). I love how the wind kept blowing Taylor's ears around!

Me and the kids

Another attempt to get a picture of them but they were WAY more interested in everything else around us than the camera

Taylor checking out the area

Jim and Chewie

My boo!
Taylor loves the water.... LOVES IT! I let her out on the rock, which was silly of me because I didn't think she would jump in, but she slide right on in. And of course it was in an area that was full of debris. Oh well... she was damn happy. I'm sad I didn't get a shot of it, but I needed to help her get out of the water since it was deep in this area.
Chunky Chewie Chalupa
After the dog park we headed over to Izzoz's tacos for breakfast tacos. I have hard good things about their tacos and it was close to the park, so we thought why not?!

I ordered 2 potato/egg tacos and Jim ordered a bacon/egg and a potato/egg. As you can see, there was plenty of filling in the tacos and the salsa had some heat to it which was nice. 2 item tacos were $1.75 a piece. I'd like to head back and try some of their lunch and dinner tacos! Especially on a nice day when you can lounge on their benches and soak up the sun.
Taylor LOVES human food. LOVES it and will try any way she can to get it in her belly. She sat at the end of the table watching us eat. I know this is a bad habit, but look at those eyes... how can you scold her for just trying to get to the good food.


The Millers said...

OMG, love that last picture of Taylor. Precious!!!!!!! And you can't scold her or resist her charm!!! :o)

Dana said...

She wasn't scolded, instead Taylor was given some egg from my breakfast taco after giving me that look :)

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Optimista said...

Great photos! I LOVE that photo of Taylor peering over the table. And that Coke photo is so well-composed! Great stuff.

Dana said...

Thanks Optimista!! Love your blog!!!