Wednesday, January 20, 2010

New food trailer on S. Lamar

I stumbled on the Odd Duck Farm to Trailer when I visited the Gourdoughs trailer a few weeks ago. I saw the menu and knew that I would have to come back and try their food. Their menu changes daily because they purchase foods from local farms weekly and if they sell out of a dish then they make up another dish that might use a different part of the animal or veggie. Usually they have some type of salad, soup, quesadilla and sandwiches each day. The prices are a little higher than what I would normally spend on lunch, but you just can't beat the freshness or the unique flavors that you can get from this trailer.

I ordered the pork lion sandwich with sauerkraut and the polenta with the coffee porter braised lamb. Normally I'm not a lamb fan, but I decided to give this a try because I knew it would be fresh. I am SO glad I ordered this because it was excellent. I loved the lamb and the au jus mixed into the polenta which gave a great smoky flavor to the dish. The sandwich was good but I thought it was a bit to much meat. BUT once I took off a layer of the pork loin then I thought it was way better.

On my first visit I went with Sarah on our lunch hour at work. I ordered the Grilled Romain with Broccoli, goat ricotta and wild leek dressing. Hello YUMMY! The salad was just the right mix of salad, broccoli, cheese and dressing. Grilling the lettuce didn't make it soggy but instead make it slightly crisp on outside leaves that touches the wood fire grill. Plus the dressing was creamy but had a light flavor. I'm getting hungry just thinking about that salad.

I also ordered the egg salad with gulf shrimp sandwich. The sandwich was full of chunks of egg and shrimp... it wasn't to heavy on the mayo and had a few slices on onion on it. The only thing I would have changed was to add a little pepper to the sandwich.


Optimista said...

These Odd Duck photos are awesome! Do you mind if I ask what kind of camera you're shooting with? You have a terrific eye.

Dana said...

Thank you! I was using a Canon SD1200 Elph... I got lucky with good lighting :)

Dana said...

BTW-- for the pictures of the dogs (posted on Sunday), I was using my Canon 40D. I don't always travel with that camera, so I have my handy point and shoot with me.

Optimista said...

Ha...I use an older Elph for my blog photos (the SD800 IS). I keep thinking I should buy an SLR to amp things up a bit, but keep worrying that I'd be too lazy to carry it around - whereas the Elph is always in my bag.

At any rate, I love the fact that you used an Elph for these Odd Duck shots - you really do have an amazing eye. Are you a professional photographer?

Dana said...

Thank you for your kind words! Photography is a hobby of mine but I haven’t ventured into the world of being a professional. I do a lot of favors for friends and take pictures of various events (bridals, baby photos, family photos, etc) but it ends there due to my day job. But I truly enjoy photography, so maybe one day I'll be able to do more with it.