Sunday, January 10, 2010

A seriously cute little girl

I had the pleasure of taking Rachel Lynn's photos this week. Rachel is Courtney and Matt's little girl and is just precious. Rachel came into this world on December 15th which was right on time. Courtney wanted to get a few newborn photos of her so we figured out a time and made it happen. Rachel gave us a good 30 minutes of photos without a peep! We were hoping to get some sleeping photos, but she just wanted to keep her eyes open and watch was the crazy lady was doing with the big black camera. We are going to reschedule to figure out anothertime to meet up.

Back in October I took some pictures of Courtney looking all beautiful being pregnant. Here are a couple of those photos.... Think of this as a "before" photo for Rachel :)

Courtney looked fantastic all through out her pregnancy.

Here is the beautiful little Rachel....

Courtney had a few little hats with flowers that we used. She didn't mind the hats at all just one pink headband (didn't even get a shot with it)

Look at those little feet!

She was getting a little feisty here :)

Courtney calming Rachel down


Sam said...

Oh My.. that's the most precious baby I think I've ever seen. How wonderful. I just gush when I look at her little face. Love your blog title and writings and photos. I will come back often. Speaking of the sandwich...Hope you take aminute to come see mine. Great minds think alike. Keri (a.k.a. Sam)

Dana said...

Thank you! She is an adorable girl who was enamored with my camera. I have a few more photos to post of her; hopefully will get those up this weekend.