Friday, August 22, 2008

Gorgeous house for sale

A couple of friends of ours built this house (well.. their idea and design, and they hired people to build it) in Georgetown. It has a comfortable design, high end granite counter tops in kitchen and bathroom, backyard that backs up to nature, wonderful master bathroom, walk in closets, and a kitchen that opens up to the living room. If we could, Jim and I would buy this house and trade it with our house. :) There is no way I would move that far away from my job (it is probably a 35-40 min drive to the middle of Austin). So if anybody wants a house in Georgetown, let me know.

I love the faucet by the oven. The faucet is used to fill up large pots of water so you don't have to carry it from the sink to the stove. Jim says we can't do it in our kitchen... BOOOO!
Nick doesn't come with the house... he is just testing out the shower (which is missing the glass around it right now)

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