Sunday, August 10, 2008

I love the Olympics!!! I am amazed at the athletic ability of each person on the TV screen. Swimming and gymnastics are my two favorite events to watch. I really hope the women's and men's USA gymnastic teams can pull out some gold medals, but the Chinese look really freakin good. And of course while I am watching the women gymnasts, Jim giggles every time one of the girls name is announced.... Nastia Liukin. So, the way that Jim pronounces it is..... "Nasty lookin". She is a pretty girl and very talented, but has a name that some people will make fun of.

Micheal Phillips is a maniac. Total swimming god and extremely talented. His mother signed him up for swimming because he had a lot of energy as a kid and she thought swimming would be a good outlet for his energy. Good for her to keep him away from video games and TV (especially as a single mother of 3!!). I really hope he breaks a ton of records and winds plenty of medals.

I am also inspired by Dara Torres. Have you seen her body? OH. MY. GOD. She is ripped. I know that she basically trains 29 hours a day but still. Her body rocks. She was saying in an interview that she has plenty of people saying that she has taken performance enhancement drugs. Because of those people she does more drug tests than any other athlete, per her request. She has also allowed the Olympic labs to keep her blood to test as they wish. She had great times in her split for the 4 x 100 freestyle event (I swam this back in high school) and her other event is later this week (I believe). I'll be cheering from my couch for all of those buff USA athletes!!

I am watching plenty of the Olympics and I am stoked that Direct TV has two extra channels showing the Olympics. Those extra channels are showing some of the less popular events like weight lifting (you should have seen some of the women... wow,, very manly looking), equestrian riding, and boxing.

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