Friday, August 22, 2008

Wish us luck

Tomorrow morning at an ungodly hour we are going to have a garage sale at my Dad's house. I have been putting this off because I really didn't feel like dealing with all of it. But with football season looming, I knew I had to do it now. Otherwise I might have not had as much help from the hubby. I hate haggling with people about prices, cause you know they are out there and want to get a deal. I also feel a little weird selling my dad's stuff. He was kind of a hoarder, so I have quite a bit of stuff to go through. :)

I went over to my dad's today to get stuff ready and to put up signs. I felt a little like white trash putting up garage sale signs on stop signs with packing tape :) Then I had some moron honk his horn and whistle at me. I say moron because I was pretty bad looking.... hair pulled back in a bun, crappy torn UT shirt and baggy shorts that had the following in them: large black marker, keys, cell phone, pocket knife, and packing tape. All which made my thighs look HUGE! :)

Wish us luck tomorrow! :)

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