Wednesday, June 04, 2008

My little red buddy is gone....

Jim and I went to the batting cages tonight before his softball game. So I took my old bat out of the garage to bring with me. We got to the cages, bought our tokens, stretched, then took some slow pitch balls. I love going to the batting cages. Luckily I had years and years of coaching and practice, so no matter how much time has elapsed I can usually look pretty good and hit all of the balls. :o)

So after about 8 pitches something weird happened with my bat..... The top flew off! ummmmmmmm..... What the fuck?? So now I can look down the barrel of my bat. Not good. My poor little bat is broken. I had to finish batting with Jims bat. I did okay but I miss my little bat!

I'll do a little research and try to fix my trusty little bat that has been with me for the last 13 years!

So here is to you little red..thanks for being such a great bat!!

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