Sunday, November 14, 2010

Family Time in Jersey

Friday night we flew to Philly to spend time with my side of the family for the weekend. We didn't do anything on Friday night except get sandwiches from Wawa for dinner. Wawa, for those of you that don't know, is a convenience store on steroids. They have at least 8 different choices of coffee, along with flavored creamers, they have a sandwich stand where they will make you sandwiches, and all sorts of goodies. I love this place. If I had the money I would totally open on up in Austin.

Saturday morning Keith, Gilat and Kai drove down to Freds house to spend the weekend there. Fred was working so we all took a walk down to the Delaware river to get some fresh air and to let Kai run around.

Jim, Gilat, Keith and Kai. Enjoying the park and watching the ducks and geese swim around. We did have to watch out for green duck/geese pooh.... it was really green and kind of freaky.

1...2...3... UP!

Gilat and Keith... love this picture of these two. We tried to get Kai in the photo, but he wasn't having it.

Jim and I

The trees still has plenty of color foliage on them, very pretty!

Oh mama! This is why I would weigh 400 pounds if I lived on the East coast. This was a very tasty cheesesteak, but it had a twist. There was a garlic sauce on it that gave it a hint of a piece of garlic bread was hiding out in my cheese steak.

We visited Peddlers Village on Saturday afternoon because they were having an Apple Festival. They had little booths that sold Apple Dumplings, Cider, Apple Fritters, Bushels of Apples, face painting for the kids and music. It was a festive little environment!

2 guys crushing apples for the cider using an old fashioned machine.

I'm not usually one to enjoy cider, but this was pretty good! It was warmed and had a slight spice to it.

Fred and Kai watching the pond and the fish

MMMMmmmmm! Apple Dumplings with a vanilla sauce. The apple was perfectly cooked, the pastry was delicate and the sauce added a little sweet to the dumpling. YUM

There was a little kiddy play area that Kai enjoyed.

Jim, Fred, Keith and Gilat

Kai dancing to the music

As we were walking along the shops, I noticed this Santa hanging out and I thought "Helloooo! Photo Op!" :) But Kai took one look at this guy and took off running.

I got a little closer and noticed that his eyes were almost glowing.... so he was deemed the Santa Troll and we all quickly walked away.

After Peddlers Village we headed to dinner at a local diner for dinner. It was nice to sit down and get some food into our bellies!
Kai got to try jello for the first time at dinner.... I'm pretty sure by the pictures you can see that he clearly enjoyed jello! :)


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