Monday, November 22, 2010

Birthday Fun

Somewhere along my adult life I realized that I'm not a fan of celebrating my birthdays. Sure I love getting together with friends, I love to eat, I'm a fan of trying new places, but I just don't like being the center of attention. Which is a little weird because I am a total ham,but I'm not a big fan of being the only person that is in that center of attention :)

We met up at Asti with 2 of our closest Austin couple friends for dinner at Asti. I wish we could have everybody meet up with us but I am not a fan of huge dinners. Not only can you not talk to everybody, the bill at the end is usually a nightmare to figure out.

All of our food was delish! I had a bite of just about every body's food and I was impressed with everything. I ordered the short rib with polenta, and it was so tender and flavorful. If I could have changed anything I would have preferred the polenta have some type of cheese or flavor to it. The sauce with the meat added plenty of flavor, but a new flavor on the plate would have been welcomed.
The rest of the table ordered the chicken (great citrus flavor), Salmon, pasta with mushrooms, and 2 pizza's. We also ordered the calamari and bread sticks.

Lindsay, me and Ashley

Our first stop of the night after dinner was at Shangra La. My plan was to hit a few bars on the East side. Shangra la was pretty cool,, a big outdoor area in the back, and the inside had a few booths and chairs along with a pool table and some video games. We stayed inside because all of the tables outside were taken. As a typical bar on the East side, there is one women's toilet with a port-a-potty outside to use.

Matt and Vannessa
Eric, Chris, Joe, Matt, John, Jason, Mike and Jim

Me, Lauren, Vannessa, Erin, Tammy and Lindsay

Jim and I

I had really wanted to get a picture of each place we stopped at, but I forgot to get the front of Shangra La. Our 2nd stop was at Cheer Up Charlies. They have a grate patio out front and in the back, and a small interior. If I remember correctly they were a beer and wine joint only,,, no liquor.

Lauren and Lindsay

Matt and John

I have no idea what is in this drink... Vannessa got it for us :). This was our 3rd stop of the night, at the Liberty. We have been to the Liberty before and really enjoyed it. Shangra La, Cheer up Charlies, and The Liberty are all similar... a smaller indoor area, low ceilings, patio space and one inside toilet. :)

Erin, Tammy, Lauren, me, Vannessa and Lindsay
Goofy Girl photo

The boys probably talking football
We closed the bar down... which was surprising because none of us were expecting it.
Time flew that night!
John and Lindsay hamming it up for the camera
Jason, Lindsay, Jim and I
Big thanks and love to everybody that came out to celebrate my birthday!! It was a late notice (decided on Thursday night to go out on Saturday night) so I fully appreciate everybody making time to come out!

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