Monday, November 22, 2010

Abbey and Chewie

Since Mother Nature continues to give us Spring like weather, I have been spending a decent amount of time outside with the dogs. I'm not a fan of 80 degree weather at the end of November, but I guess it is better than 100 degree weather :).

Abbey will tear through any manufactured toy I put in front of her. Some times the toy will last 5 minutes and sometimes I get lucky and it takes her a day to destroy. She also loves the sticks in the backyard. We have left some of the bigger branches that have fallen because she'll chew on them all day if we let her. It is the cheapest and longest lasting toy that we have found. I just wish it was cleaner and I would totally let her bring it in the house. Well, I would let her bring it in the house once it was smaller. She runs around with the sticks that are over 3 feet long and she doesn't have a clue when she hits something, so I can't see bringing it into the house and letting her roam free with it.

Chewie was more relaxed the day I was taking pictures... I didn't have to chase him around or watch out for flying sticks.

This was the first time I have seen her use the tree to balance herself while barking at a squirrel :) Watch out squirrel's, you have another doggie after you

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