Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Sunday Fun

Last Sunday we walked along the trail around Town Lake to get some family exercise. It was such a nice day that we really didn't want to be inside. Our destination was the leash less dog area so Chewie could run around. Chewie is getting used to having his butt sniffed, and that is a big goal of ours. For many years it was just Taylor and Chewie, and a couple of times a year we would go to the dog park. That was our fault because we have a pretty big back yard and would always play in the back yard instead of taking them to the dog park. So, our immediate goal is to get Chewie used to other dogs sniffing his butt and playing with him so when we introduce a puppy to the family it will go smooth (well, that is our goal at least). Chewie by no means is mean to other dogs, in fact he would rather run away from them :)

Running towards me! I have gotten pretty good at getting the picture then getting out of the way. He doesn't always turn in time, so there is a small chance that he will run into you :) 80 pounds running at full speed towards you is a little scary

Chewie checking out the dog scene

Jim and Chewie

This little bull dog was so darn cute! He totally ignored Chewie

This little lady came up and sat between Jim and I. According to her tags her name was Abby. She was so sweet and soft. She hung out for about 5 minutes before moving along

After the dog park we headed to Drungo Ice House for food and drinks. We have been there once before but it has been a year or so.We couldn't decide on what to eat so we ordered the fish and chips and the grilled chicken with guacamole sandwich and we shared. The fish and chips was... just okay. The fish was bland and not very crunchy. We are big fans of the fish and chips at Dog and Duck Pub. The seasoned fries were a highlight of the meal.

The grilled chicken with guacamole was excellent!!

Chewie was pooped, he was a bit restless while we were there. I'm guessing it was because he was tired, but not sure. He did so well at Cuatros the week before. We are going to keep taking Chewie with us to dog friendly patio's while the weather is nice, we love taking him places!

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Optimista said...

Chewie is such a handsome boy!

My pup is the same way about boundaries...never really sure if she is going to slam into you while she is gamboling innocently. She's a bruiser, for sure...very unladylike.