Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Early St. Patty's day with Yelp

Last week we headed to an event at Fado's for an early St. Patty's day party. It was a Yelp event so I was able to hang out with all of my fabulous Yelper friends! the Heineken was flowing, the music was rocking, and of course lots of great friends. There was also free food, but it was gone by the time we go there :( I can't remember the last time I went to Fado, but they have since built a great patio. I'm not sure if they knocked down some walls or what, but the patio seems to have doubled and they added a pergola. One of these spring days we'll have to head back and enjoy the patio during the day.

Kari, Lindsay, Dawn and I

Matt, Jim and John Lindsay, me and Kari. These ladies are always cracking me up

Dawn and I
After Fado, we needed to get some food into our bellies so we walked over to Franks. We haven't been there before, but I liked all of the hot dog options. I'm not one to eat many hot dogs, but when you add great toppings it is very appetizing. When we sat down at our table, I looked over at the next table and saw our friend Jennifer! Totally random! :)

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