Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Jim's Birthday Dinner

We went to the Salt Lick with Jim's family to celebrate his birthday, his mom's birthday and his brother-in-law's birthday. We wanted to find a place where it would be okay to linger before and after dinner to hang out with everybody. It has been a few years since we have been to Salt Lick so I was looking forward to eating there. There wasn't to long of a wait, just about 45 minutes. Not bad for a Sunday, but I think the rain helped keep people away.

Perhaps I should have brought a different koozie for dinner. :) Nothing like advertising for a different BBQ place in Austin while eating at a different BBQ place
Jim and his sister, Jamie

I guess I'm trying to attack Jim?

Mmmmm... Stella

I ordered their combination plate with brisket and ribs. The ribs were very tender with good flavor. The brisket was good, but not my favorite.
Caden and Dawson (Jim's nephews) were trying out the jalapeno's... not sure if they have tried a bite out of a pickled jalapeno before. I have to say I think Jim was egging them on. Bad Uncle.

Clearly Dawson wasn't a fan

Since the kids tried the jalapeno, I had to try a bite. It had a bit of heat, but not to bad
We totally forgot that the Salt Lick was cash only, so I had to go to the other building and get cash from the ATM. I noticed this meat pit while I was there. I started to take a picture when I got waved over by one of the employees who said I could walk around and take pictures. Umm.. hell yeah! It was very hot around the pit... I assume this is where they keep the meat warm before they served it because it didn't look like it was really cooking anything.

MMMmmmm.... look at all of those ribs
Jim's mom bought the boys matching ties

Cute nephews!

Ryan and Jim

Caden and I
Ryan, Caden, Dawson and Jim

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