Sunday, March 07, 2010

Jim's Birthday BBQ

Normally we are those people that don't really celebrate birthdays with big celebrations. Typically we just go out for dinner and have a quiet night. This year I thought having friends over for a BBQ would be a fun time, and indeed, it was!! Jim and I have some wonderful friends and it was great to spend a night with them. We prefer house parties over bars because you can really spend time with people talking and catching up. Plus it is WAY cheaper than going downtown for the night. Of course that being said, I still enjoy a fun night downtown... just not every weekend.

I had this big plan of taking pictures of the food so I could post them here on the blog, but as the hostess, I was a busy lady and didn't take pictures. So I'll just tell you what I served.... shredded pork, grilled chicken (for tacos), homemade chorizo charro beans, potato salad, apple/blue cheese/ bacon salad, along with some chips/dips and finished the night with some sugar cookies and chocolate cupcakes with peanut butter frosting.

Lindsay, Tammy, Vanessa and Erin enjoying drinks on the porch
John, Chris, Charlie, Matt and Mike

So happy these two made it to the party... Nicole and Steven

Chris and Kyndal (Ashley and Jason's oldest child, and way back when our flower girl at the wedding). She is getting so tall! I meant to get a picture with her because I bet in a year or two she is going to be taller than me! I'd like some proof that I was once taller than she was :)

Party on the patio
Kyndal and Jackson.

Jason was the human chair for his kids... Kyndal draped over his legs and Jackson hanging off to his right.
Kyndal was the first (wo)man down at around 8:30. Ashley said they had a big day of sports and running errands.

One of my few good food photos.... this was the pork shoulder after a slow roast for 5 hours
The spread

Ashley, Chris and Lindsay

The New York Gals!!! Next week I'll be travelling to NYC with these two fine ladies. It is Lindsay's bachelorette party so we are going to party it up!!! Neither of these two have been to NYC so I'll be acting as a tour guide... I sooooo can't wait!

Dawn and Matt- Although we only met these two a few years ago, we love to hang out with them!

Chewie was trying to woo Dawn.... I think it worked :)
My gal Vanessa!
me, Dawn and Jim
It's a Jim sandwich.... smooshed between two Matt's :)
Tammy, Lindsay and Magen

Lindsay and I helped Chewie up for a photo op

At one point it was the boys outside and the girls inside... come on guys... it's not a junior high dance!! Time to mingle! :)

Nick, Jim and Jason... Chewie is hiding back there some place
I believe this is a birthday lick?!?!? It seemed like a fun thing to do at the time... not sure this is the best photo of me but way to funny not to post
Lindsay, Jim and I
There was no shortage of love for Chewie. It was kind of an odd night... some of our friends didn't know that Taylor passed a month ago. I didn't know really how to let friends know that our dog had died. I did a post on this blog, which really was more of a way for me to find closure and cope with the loss of my first dog but not all of my friends read my blog. So I had to explain a few times what happened to Taylor which was fine for me and I was glad that everybody knows now. I do appreciate the friends that did know trying to quietly let other friends know about Taylor so I didn't have to do as much explaining.

Chris, Nick, Jason and Jim. Chris is getting married to Lindsay in May and these guys (along with 2 other guys) will be the groomsmen. These 4 guys have known each other since elementary school.

I think I might be one of the shortest girls out of all of my friends. Neither Lindsay or Magen are wearing heels and I'm like 3 feet shorter than they are :)
This is Chewie the day after the party..... poor guy didn't get his 8 hour nap on Saturday afternoon and then we made him stay up after midnight. He spent most of Sunday sleeping :)
I hope Jim had a great birthday, because I really had a great time!

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