Sunday, October 04, 2009

Tailgating for UT game

We have some friends that tailgate for every UT game, and we thought it would be a great experience for Lee and Aaron. We took a cab down there because parking is a nightmare and it was safer since we were all drinking.

It was freakin packed every where around the campus. There were people tailgating at every possible open space. It was a lot of fun

Trying to find out where the guys were parked. Since every body is running around in UT colors, it is hard to find people :)

Megan and Nick

Jim, Aaron and Lee. For the most part we stuck together but Lee and Aaron did a walk about and found a bar to hang out in. I don't blame them, it was quite hot outside and I would have wanted to find AC also.

Aaron had a pair of BluBlocker sunglasses....

I'm not sure I would recommend BluBlockers for anybody under the age of 60

I found this little guy wearing a UT outfit. So damn cute,,, can't remember his name, so we'll call him Nacho

Lee and Aaron

Charlie, Jim and Mike

The boys brought a little mini-keg to the tailgate. Here they are doing some type reverse keg stand

Once the game started, we headed over to a Mexican food place to watch the game. It was close and I didn't think it would be that crowded (and I was right). It was a perfect place to enjoy some food and watch the game. While we were eating, Aaron made friends with the table next to us, so they did a shot together.

At half time, Jim and I decided that our old asses were ready to head home and watch the rest of the game from our couch. The boys decided to head downtown and do a little more partying. Once I sent Lee a text message with our home address (to give to the taxi) they found a pedi cab for the ride downtown.

Lee and Aaron didn't stay out long... maybe an hour or so before they headed back to the house. Sitting out in the heat and the drinking finally caught up to them too. Here is Lee giving Taylor and Chewie some lovin. I'm pretty sure that the guys stayed up and played even more RBI baseball and Techmo football on the old school Nintendo.

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