Monday, October 05, 2009

Random Photos
Here is a collection of photos that I have taken over the past couple of weeks. I am having a back up of material for the blog, and while these pictures are good, not all of them needed their own blog post (well, except for the pictures at the end). :)
Thanks for looking!

I had to get up at the butt-crack of dawn a couple of weeks ago, and got to see the beginning of this sunrise. I loved the pink hue the clouds had.

Taylor in the kitchen with me while I am cooking

Sunset in Texas. I didn't alter this photo at all... the sky really was pink and purple

Another picture of the wonderful sunset
Another early morning... the sun was higher in the sky, but it still gave a great glow to Chewie
Random gross mushroom in the back yard. This guy popped up after all of the rain that we got

In celebration of my work location being open for a year, I bought cupcakes for the staff. I went to a place called Delish (3rd and Colorado, downtown Austin) to get these little cups of goodness. I saved the Smores cupcake for Jim because Sarah said it was the best cupcake out of the bunch. For those of you that may not realize, cake and Dana are not friends. I'm not a big fan of the texture... it is like wet bread to me. Yuck. Anywho... the Smores cupcake has a graham cracker crust bottom, chocolate cake, and a top of toasted meringue (to mimic the marshmallow). Jim LOVED the cupcake.... and if I liked cupcakes, I bet I would like this too :)

I was using the sunset light in our back room to take the pictures. I couldn't resist to play around with the shadows. That is my hand... supposed to look like somebody is going to swoop in and grab the cupcake! Of course Jim couldn't have his cupcake before I took some photos :)

These are my FAVORITE photos that I have taken in a long time. I was on my way home from a Happy Hour, when I noticed the huge lightening storm that was North of Austin. It was beautiful, and I knew that we needed to get out and take pictures. i convinced Jim to head out with me to Mt. Bonnell to take pictures of the storm. We stayed up there about 30-40 minutes, waiting for the one lightening bolt photo that I have been wanting to take. I think the storm was still to far away to get that one lightening bolt photo that I want to take, but I'm still pretty damn happy with the results. Plus we got to watch a FANTASTIC storm roll into Austin.

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