Friday, October 09, 2009

The last of the Lee photos

I had a few pictures lingering in my little camera that I just downloaded. Lee, Aaron and I headed out to lunch before dropping them off at the airport. We went to Cuatros which has a great patio, good food, and a fun atmosphere. It is by UT so Lee and Aaron had plenty of eye candy while we ate lunch :)

Lee, Aaron and me (well, my arm) toasting to the fun trip they had in Austin

Aaron and Lee

Lee deep in thought.... should I get the hamburger or the chicken sandwich? It either that or he is secretly happy that he won't have his sister around taking his picture every few minutes once he leaves :)

This is the little logo on Lee's shirt. It took me all of a second to realize that it is a naked lady with her panties down. Dirty Lee... dirty :)

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