Thursday, October 22, 2009

Ocktoberfest 2009

We headed down to Fredricksburg for Ocktoberfest a few weekends ago. We really didn't know what to expect, we just knew we wanted to get out of town for a few hours and we saw that Ocktoberfest was going on. We stopped at the Becker Winery because we are fans of their wines. They were having a Lavender Festival with a few booths of foods using Lavender. It was intesting to have dried lavender on goat cheese. Even though it poured rain on us for most of the trip, we had a really fun day.

Picture of the dopplar radar... that big green mass was heading our way

We took a tour of the Becker Winery that showed us where they crushed the grapes and put them into the barrels, and where they stored the barrels. Quite interesting

The wine tasting was fun! We tried about 6 wines for $5. We ended up leaving with 2 different bottles of wine.

Jim in the wine tasting room

The outside of the winery had a great display of pumpkins, all shapes and sizes

We found a really good BBQ place on Main Streen in Fredricksburg. They suckered us in with a sample they gave us. It was REALLY good. We both got the brisket sandwich and we shared the German potato salad. We will be back to try them out next time we are in town. Wish I could remember the name
We made a stop on Main Street, where I got a few samples of wine, and Jim got a wine-a-rita
The happy couple at Ocktoberfest

Hmmmm... perhaps I was a wee bit to happy to see this big ass beer stein
We stopped in and watched a bit of Polka dancing. Not really my thing, but interesting to watch

Jim the pretty little lady and Dana the young handsome boy... that is a little weird

This guy had a contraption on his drill to create a thin potato chip to fry from a potato.
I totally LOVE these decorations. I grew up with one at my parents house, and now I want one for my house. Of course my mom tells me that she probably bought it at a Dollar Store, but I still loved it. These decorations were around $50 and up, so I'll keep looking for something more reasonable.
This was the BEST FUCKIN HALLOWEEN decoration exhibt that I have seen. It was a lot like the little communities you see at Christmas. It was awesome. Now I must go out and collect a few of these pieces so we can have a little Halloween community at our house.

After the Ocktoberfest and shopping, we stopped in at the Fredricksburg Brewery to get a few beers and some food. We have visited there before and were very happy. This time did not disapoint. We sat at the bar and watched a little college football where we met a nice couple that lived in Fredricksburg. They gave us the names of a couple of restaurants that they always have good food at in town. We'll head there next time.

I took a few photos on the way back to the car, and I like this one the best. I love the car headlight coming through Jim's truck. Not my best photo, but I like it.

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