Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Ladies Fun, UT Game, and the Lake

The weekend before I went to AZ I had a fun night with Lisha and Shay. I met Lisha and Shay through work many moons ago. We had such a fun time working together and we always have a great time when we get together. We were originally going to meet up at Chez Zee, but then we changed our minds and headed to the Domain. Lisha moved up to Oklahoma (boooo) and hasn't seen the Domain, so we headed over there, did a little window shopping and then settled on Cru for dinner and drinks. We all got the Riesling Wine Flights, then settled on a bottle of wine to share. Thankfully we all liked the same wine! I ordered the crab cakes for dinner, and they were really good. They had some type of mustard sauce that gave the crab cakes a nice kick. The girls ordered salads, which they also said were pretty good.

Lisha, Shay and I

Me, Shay and Lisha

After dinner we decided to get a dessert to share. I went to the bathroom and came back to 2 different desserts :) They ordered the chocolate fondue and the banana brulee. The fondue was good, but the banana dessert was FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC. I'll be back to eat that dessert... by myself, no sharing :). We had such a fun time with each other, which we always do. I'm blessed to have such great, funny, sarcastic, wine loving, and lifelong friends.

On Saturday we headed over to John's house to watch the Texas/OU game. It was a laid back event, only 6 of us watching the game over there. We grilled, drank and watched the game. The weather was perfect! The game was hard to watch because it was low scoring and it was not the best UT game.

Hook'Em Horns

Since it was such a pretty day we decided to head to the lake for one last trip on the lake (at least it will probably be our last trip of the year). Jim was hesitant to go since I was leaving at 8am the next day for AZ, but I didn't want to miss a trip to the lake so I convinced him to go :) Somewhere I downloaded most of the pictures from this day... at this point I have no idea where they are. These were left on my memory card, so I had a few to post. I took 300 photos that day, hopefully I'll eventually find them (I'm hoping the transfer went through okay). I took my big camera with us on the boat and we had 5 different people surf behind the boat. Good times!
And a post just wouldn't be the same without a cute Chewie picture. I took this one morning after waking up. He was just there using me as a pillow, waiting for me to wake up.

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