Tuesday, August 25, 2009

New Rug!!

I found an AWESOME deal homedepot.con for a 5x7 area rug. I had been looking to replace a rug that was getting kind of gross in our den. I love the colors of the new rug, but I was hoping for a different more modern pattern since they are so similar. Oh well... a rug for $63 bucks is worth buying a similar rug!

Old dirty rug

New rug- it is soft and thick!
I was so happy because it was so cheap I was worried it would feel cheap.

I was hoping to have a dog hair free rug for at least a day, but Taylor sat on it about 5 minutes after I laid it on the floor.

And of course, Chewie had to be like his sister and get on the floor

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Mom said...

I love the rug:)