Monday, August 17, 2009

Birthday Dinners at the County Line

We headed to dinner with Jim's family for Jamie and his dad's birthday dinner. We had an awesome table that overlooked the water (which is part of Lake Austin). We had a good time hanging out with everybody and enjoying our BBQ!

There was a guy walking around the restaurant making balloon animals for the kids. Dawson had a cat made, Caden had an air guitar made and Ryan had a motorcycle made. The guy was pretty good making the balloon items. Caden had asked for a un-blown up balloon so he could play with it. He tried through out the dinner to blow that sucker up, and didn't have any luck!

I ordered the special of St. Louis ribs. They were FANTASTIC. I don't think they are better than Rudys, but they are a very close 2nd. They had a lot of meat on each bone and it was very tender. The sides (potato salad and coleslaw) were just Eh. Not great, not bad.

Dawson and his cat

Ryan also got a un-blown up balloon.... and as you can see, he didn't have much luck getting it blown up. Check out those cheeks!

After dinner we all headed outside to feed the turtles.

There were SOOOOO many turtles. I don't think I have seen so many turtles in one area. They knew it was supper time and came out to get fed!

My MIL took a couple of photos of us. I wonder what I am thinking here....

I imagine this is how I look 98% of the time... always a camera in my hand ready to catch the shots


Hannah said...

Wow that is a serious amount of turtles! Was that the County Line off 2222?

Dana said...

I know! There were so many turtles swimming around. My picture doesn't even do it justice. The restaurant is off of 2222.