Monday, August 03, 2009

Jamie's Surprise Party

Jim's sister, Jamie, had a surprise birthday party thrown for her on Saturday night. Since we don't really talk about our real ages on this blog, we'll just say that she celebrated her 21st birthday! Thankfully we had enough energy to go to the party, since we got back from vacation that morning! Plus it helped that Hawaii was 5 hrs behind Texas, so our bodies were on a slightly different time zone.

Jamie was very surprised when she walked up the stairs. We didn't know they were coming, so we didn't really stand by the sides and yell surprise, it was more of a ... "oh hey, there she is,,,, SURPRISE". :) OOPS!! Jamie looked like she had a great time at her party. She had family, friends and co-workers there to help celebrate.

Jamie and Travis
Jamie and Julie (cousin)

Jim, Lori and Julie (Jim's cousins... they are sisters)

Julie, me, Jamie and Lori

A look down on 6th street
The hubby and I
Lori and I

Jim and I-- I feel like I should be tanner since we just got back from the beach. Hmmm.. damn sun screen worked to well :)

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