Sunday, August 23, 2009

Matt's Birthday dinner and drinks

On Saturday night we met up with friends to have dinner and drinks to celebrate Matt's birthday. We had dinner at Maiko and and then headed to Molotov for drinks. The boys were at the lake all day, but luckily they drank enough water so they were okay for the night. Jim and I had some amazing sushi even if one roll was hot enough to make me drink tons of water :o)

The roll with the tuna on top is the Texas Monster.... I can't remember exactly what is in the middle, but something like avocado, green onion,tempura shrimp, and on the outside, there is tuna and a dollop of a tequila lime sauce. It was a pretty tame roll, but it was very good. The other roll was the Heat of the Moment and it was fucking hot. It was a spicy tuna topped with jalapenos but it was a good heat.

This was a great drink... blackberry moijto. A bit sweet, but a nice way to start the night

Lindsay and I

Vanessa and Matt, the birthday boy

Charlie had a couple of extra pieces of sushi and Jim said that he would help him finish it. Charlie was nice enough to feed Jim... not sure how I feel about this but it did make for a funny picture and had the entire table laughing.

(Fred, I know you'll like this picture)

Jim, Chris and Lindsay

Matt and Jim... Hmmmm... Jim looks pretty darn happy to be hugging on Matt

Janette, Vanessa and Emily

Jen and Charlie

The Birthday boy and Vanessa
Lindsay, me and Loren (Eric's girlfriend, sans Eric)

We went to a roof top bar after dinner, and it was slightly miserable. It was so humid and hot, even though we had a few fans blowing on us. I was sticky all night.

Tammy, me, Vanessa and Lindsay

Charlie, Jim and Matt

West 6th Street

Jim, Matt and John

Nick and Megan... not sure why they look like they have a tint of green to them

We walked from the restaurant to the bar, and on the way we found these mail boxes that screamed for a photo op.

Seriously. Lindsay was able to fling her leg over the mailbox without any problems. I would have pulled a hammy then fallen on my ass if I tried that. Megan and I went with the hooker move for the picture.

Not to be out done.... Nick humped the light pole.

Lindsay, Vanessa, Me and Megan

The two tall boys of the group, Nick and John, were fighting over the fan and which way it would blow. It was at this point, that I moved away for fear that the fan would fall down.

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