Thursday, August 20, 2009

Yelp Event at Stubbs

We had another fantastic Yelp event to attend last Tuesday night. This one was held at Stubbs in downtown Austin. Stubbs was showing off their new organic menu for us. We tried....

duck enchiladas
These were just okay. I was really interested in trying out duck because I haven't eaten a lot of duck. They didn't taste any different than chicken but they seemed more oily.
Salmon on a tostada with a cucumber pico
These were good not great. The salmon was cooked, shredded, then placed on a round chip. They had some type of white dressing on it, but there wasn't enough for me to get an idea of what was in it. It also had a cucumber pico on top, which I thought was really good, but not enough on the appetizer. Just okay, not great.
Frito pie
For those of you that don't live in Texas, a Frito pie is chili covered Frito chips. Pretty simple but can be really tasty. They served the pies in the Frito bag (the size of bag you normally would get with a sandwich), and cut the top off and poured the chili on top. I liked the concept but it was kind of hard to eat and the bag was blazing hot where the chili seeped through the chips. This was a good dish, but not something I would order when at a restaurant.
Pork ribs
We had some awesome freaking ribs. These were the highlight of the night for me. They were so tender the meat was barely on the bone. The seasonings were light and not overwhelming, which was good because I didn't think the ribs needed anything else.
I'll be back to Stubbs for these ribs!
Brisket tacos with a hotter than hell pico
The last thing we ate that night were brisket tacos served with a corn mini tortilla, and a pico sauce. The pico was hit or miss on the level of hotness. I believe it is because they used fresh jalapenos, so not every bite had a piece of jalapeno. The brisket was nice and tender.
Pretty tasty!
Another vendor at the party was Rain Organic Vodka. They supplied us with various flavors of vodka, but unfortunately I just had the plain vodka with cranberry. It was quite good. Jim had a vodka and soda and said the vodka was smooth. I'm curious to see how much this is at a liquor store.

Sarah, me and Dawn on the stage at Stubbs

We are the gangsta Yelp Elite crew

Me, Jim, Orly and Sarah.
Did you notice that Jim and Orly are wearing the same shirt, but different color?

Jim, Orly and Matt

Orly and Sarah

The party also had an Elvis Costello cover band. They only played for an hour or so, and we stayed outside most of that time so I missed them. A lot of people said they were pretty good.

Me, Sarah and Dawn
Picture was taken by one of the photographers at the party

The party had another "photobooth" there. Cory Ryan was taking pictures and she did an awesome job! This pose was figured out by Jim and Matt. Jim kept telling me to do the "Superman". I had no freakin idea what he was talking about until I realized he wanted me up on their backs.

Since we had an Elvis Costello cover band, the photographer used the eye glass frames to frame the pictures. Awesome!

Love this one of us!

While we were stuffing our faces with food, a guy came up asked if he could take our picture for the local paper. Being the hams that we are we said sure! I just had Jim check my teeth for any lingering brisket tacos, and we smiled away! LOL, my 1.5 seconds of fame....

Pabst Blue Ribbon was also a vendor that night, and when the vodka ran out we switched over to the beer. I am a beer snob and didn't really want anything to do with PBR, but it was free so why not. It wasn't terrible beer, but I won't be running out to purchase a 12 pack for the weekend.

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