Saturday, April 02, 2011

Texas Rollergirls
I have been wanting to go to a Rollergirls match for YEARS and we finally went last Sunday. There are two leagues in Austin, one with a banked rink and one with a flat rink. The match we went to was the flat rink. We got pretty close for half of one of the matches and it was pretty darn cool. The match we went to was at the Convention Center. These girls were not afraid to throw an elbow or take a bitch down. We had zero idea on how they were scoring or what the fouls were but towards the end of the 2nd match we finally sort of figured it out. The leader was called a Jammer, and they got the team the points and could call the match when they wanted. Still not 100% why/when they called the match. Typically these were the leanest team members because they were the fastest. Before the whistle blew, the ladies lined up. Not sure who got to sit up front and who was in the back. But these were the ladies that tried to stop the jammers from getting up front

We saw two matches on this night. The second match was a little more physical and fast paced!

We had an excellent time watching the girls kick ass. Sure, I want to go try out for the league next year, but I realize that I'll probably have my ass handed to me, but I think it sounds like fun. The next time we'll be going to the banked league to check it out... just need to figure out where the matches are :)

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