Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Chasing a Toddler with a Camera

I met up with Courtney and Rachel to take some photos of the two for Mothers Day a few days ago. Originally we were going to attempt to find wild flowers to take pictures in, but this year is not the year for wild flowers... lots of grass no flowers :( Hopefully next year we get more rain so we can have a pretty spring. We decided to head to Mayfield Park to take the pictures. I love this little park, so pretty and every inch of the park is photogenic.

We met after work at the park and of course we picked the one day of the week that was the extreme hottest. It was freakin 97 degrees on the day we took photos.... in APRIL!! I'll save that rant for a different post :). Rachel was FAR more interested in the ponds, birds and squirrels than me but I managed to get some cute photos. And she is in that stage where she runs every where and she is quick. She was so enamored with her surroundings and it was fun to watch. I had to keep remembering to keep the shutter going to get the pictures.

Here are a couple photos I took of Rachel when she was a month old.

Rachel at 16 months!

I was actually running with Rachel, and I am damn lucky to have gotten this shot.

She loved chasing the squirrels... they just ran around her trying to get to the bird food

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