Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Lose The Jiggle

I have had enough of the belly rolls of fat. The last few months I have done zero exercising but plenty of eating and drinking and it is starting to really take it's toll on my body. I grew up a skinny little thing that was very athletic and have had the luxury of having a fantastic metabolism. However, as the years pass not only do I curse getting older but my metabolism seems to be slipping away. I saw my hips pop out a bit, my boobs get a little bigger (slight bonus to gaining weight) and then I started to notice MUFFIN TOP. I draw the mother fucking line at MUFFIN TOP.

As I was crying into my non-fat vanilla latte over my ever expanding body, I received an e-mail from Austin Tidbits ( with a deal for Dancers Shape. I read through the e-mail, checked out Dancers Shape and thought to myself...."Self, this is what is going to jump start your workout routine". The workout classes at Dancers Shape combines ballet, yoga, Pilates and circuit training to give you the best workout possible. The owner, Jennifer McCamish, went to school at UT and then went on to be a Radio City Rockette. You know, those ladys that have uber sculpted legs that never end,,, those Rockettes.

They have classes 7 days a week, but some days only have classes in the morning (seems to be Fri, Sat, and Sunday are early classes only). Monday- Thursday the latest class begins at 7pm. I have been to 3 classes so far... an early class on Weds (I was the only person, more on that later), early afternoon on Sunday and a 5:30 class on Thursday. The later classes had about 6-10 people in them. Dancers Shape just opened in October so I think they are still looking for their groove with their clients- meaning, they don't have a large customer base yet. They did sent out an e-mail recently indicating that in 2011 they would be switching the classes up a bit.

So I put my internal foot down and deemed December the month I will start working out. My class on Wednesday kicked my ass. KICKED. MY. ASS. First off I was greeted by Jennifer who was very pleasant and took the time to show me around and explain the workout and what to expect. Since I was the only person in the class that morning, I had the added benefit of Jennifer correcting my posture during the workout, which helped me work my muscles correctly. Sure it hurt like hell once I was in the right position, but I knew that burn was helping me lose the fat and gain the muscle. During my other classes I had Toussaint lead the class and she was just as helpful correcting any bad posture/body positions during class. They are even sweet enough to say "Do as much as you can, push yourself but take a break if you need it". I'm pretty sure they were talking to me as the sweat rolled off and my body was shaking due to the lack of exercising over the last year. :)

The next day I was feeling the workout, but it wasn't terrible. After each section of workout, we stretched those muscles immediately which I think helped with the pain the next day. The Sunday and Thursday classes also left me a little sore but it is a wonderful sore,,, the type of sore that you know one day if you stick with it, you will have fabulous legs and ass like the instructors.

Dancers Shape is not cheap and once the specials are over I'm not sure if I'll be able to afford the classes. However, they do have a special going until the end of the month (Dec 31st) that is $100 for unlimited classes for a month. I plan on buying that pass, so I will be doing 2 months of working out with Dancers Shape. My goal is to trim the fat and lose the jiggle, I'm not concerned about actual weight number I'm concerned about feeling good and looking good. Bikini season is just around the corner and damn it, I am going to be strutting my tight ass around the lake this season :)

I am going to do my best to keep my blog up to date with my progress... it helps to keep myself in line.

Dancers Shape
5350 Burnet Rd
Suite 7
Austin, Tx 78756

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