Sunday, December 19, 2010

Lee and Tracy's Big Visit

Lee and his girlfriend, Tracy, came out to visit a couple of weekends ago. We had great weather and a fun time exploring Austin! I picked them up at the airport and headed directly to Torchys for lunch. We went to the Torchy's off of South First street, which is a cool little joint. I wanted to take them to all local spots, and I think I did a good job :)

After lunch we headed to Auditorium Shores off of Town Lake to walk around and enjoy the weather. We stuck around the leash less dog area and watched the dogs run around and swim.

After the park we stopped by Whole Foods on 6th street. I realize not everybody is like me and thinks this place is awesome, but I had an idea that Lee and Tracy would be cool with going. We walked around the whole store but had the most fun in the Beer Cooler, the dessert section and the cheese section. I LOVE this Whole Foods!

Tracy and Lee with the pups. Chewie remembered his Uncle Lee, but this was the first time that Lee has met Abby.

Abbey doing her best to look pathetic. She has this look down :)

Chewie hanging on the couch

Before we left for our night out, I decided to take a picture with Abbey. I thought it would be a simple picture, but she turned her head and practically licked from my chin to my eyeballs. Kind of gross and I had to re-do my makeup. :)

We ate at Hopdoddy's for dinner on Friday night. They are a new hamburger place on South Congress. (more on that in a later post).

South Congress

After dinner we went to Esthers Follies for their show. Their show is compilation of skits and some magic. The skits are about Austin, people in Austin, and world events.

After Esther's Follies we walked around 6th street to do a little drinking. We stopped at Blind Pig Pub for a few drinks. They have changed it up and extended their rooftop patio which was kind of cool. No idea why Jim looks like the joker here.

Lee, the drink goes into your mouth, not your shirt
A trip to Austin just wouldn't be complete without a lot of RBI baseball being played

We stopped at the Cherrywood Elementary to go to a Christmas Craft Fair. We went last year and really liked it

Lee and I thought this would be prefect for mama, but it's price tag said that it was out of our price range (over $200)
Lee and Tracy pretending to dance
At Bar 96 waiting for our food from East Side Kings

The aftermath of Irish Car Bombs

After Bar 96 we went to Luster Pearl (it was across the street)

Tracy was really good at the hula hoop... me, not so much. :)

Jim was good for one turn of the hula hoop... he couldn't quite work his hips right to keep it going
Lee was surprising good at the Hula Hoops
The guys played ping pong while we were using the hula hoops
Inside Luster Pearl
I loved the fire place at Luster Pearl
We picked up some food before heading to Clive

On Sunday morning we headed to Cisco for breakfast before a long day of watching 10 hours of football
Abbey sunning herself in the living room
Tracy enjoying her big beer during football Sunday
I'll post the rest of the photos soon!!

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