Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas Cards

For the past 5 years or so, my mom and grandfather have created some very funny and memorable Christmas cards. Often it is my mom dressing up my grandfather and making him do things that normally he probably wouldn't do and of course that makes the Christmas cards awesome. Pop Pop has been a cowboy, a cotton picker, a bike rider, a golfer and he has worn a shirt that made him look like he was just wearing a thong. These cards have always been a mystery because my mom keeps her mouth shut about the cards. The last 2 years I have been lucky enough to help create the cards.

This year we thought about doing something that made Pop Pop look like he was hiding in a bunch of stuffed animals... kind of like ET did in the movie. We went out and bought some stuffed animals and some "props" for Pop Pop. Before we got Pop Pop involved in the photo taking process we decided to test it out ourselves. Here is mom trying out the props... you know to help her look more like a stuffed animal.

After taking this photo, we realized we needed a lot more stuffed animals to help make the photo. We raided her Christmas decorations and founded some much needed filler.

Here I am with all of the stuffed animals that we found in the house.

We had to think of a way to get all of the stuffed animals at a height that would be easy for Pop Pop. We decided to use the ironing board and a white sheet. It seemed to work pretty damn good. Here is mom showing Pop Pop what we wanted him to do. I'm pretty sure at this point he just rolled his eyes.
Here is the final shot for their Christmas cards. They turned out so cute!!! One day Jim and I will take over the funny Christmas cards, but for now we'll just leave the funny Christmas cards to mom and Pop Pop

Here is the 2009 Christmas photo :)

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