Friday, April 16, 2010

I finally got around to trying out Waltons which seems to be a deli/bakery/florist/ type store in a terrifically designed building on 6th street. I have driven by Waltons many many times and I have no reason for not visiting here before except that I would always forget about it. I got my hair cut today (and I'm pretty sure Mr. Hair Stylist took WAY to much off, but I digress), and when I was sitting at a red light a Walton's truck drove by..... it was a sign .... Dana get your ass over to Waltons!! So after my hair cut (seriously,,, my hair dresser said "wow, I really took a lot off"... after he was done cutting my hair-- my instructions to him was to trim the bottom and lighten up my layers on top. WTF??).

Back on the subject here.... sandwich. I found street parking and headed on in to Waltons. My first impression was how much I loved the space: high ceilings, dark woods, natural light on one side and brick wall on the other. Okay, we are off to a good start.

This table was just off to the side but it appears that you can also buy whole loaves of bread and rolls.

I eyeballed the Roast Beef sandwich (Gorgonzola, watercress, onion, horseradish aioli on Rye--I'm on a Gorgonzola kick right now) but I was taking it to go so I didn't want to get a hot sandwich. I ordered The Gobble which is Turkey with cucumbers, sprouts, avocado and provolone on multi grain. The sandwich was HUGE, and for $7.75 I was expecting a little more like chips. I know they use Boars head meats, which is awesome but I couldn't/wouldn't eat here on a daily basis due to price. I noticed that they do have decent prices on pastries as well as coffees so maybe I'll be back to try them out! I didn't notice the 1/2 sandwich and either soup or salad special for $7.75, which I'll probably get next time if I decide to get a sandwich.
The multi grain bread had a nice flavor and was studded with many nuts and oats. The turkey was plentiful and the avocado spread covered the entire sandwich. While I was eating my sandwich I noticed a bit of heat at the back of my throat..... I have no idea where that came from. I opened up the sandwich to see if the avocado spread had any spices, but I didn't see any. Overall, I loved the building and the concept, but for this girl the sandwiches were a bit out of my price range.

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