Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Chewie's Day Out

A couple of weeks ago, I arranged my day off so that Chewie and I could have a day running errands. We started the day with going to Town Lake to jog around, let him sniff butts, and then go swimming. Then we headed over to the Farmers Market at the Triangle and then off to a field of Bluebonnets on 45th street. Chewie was pooped after our day out, but I am pretty sure he had a fun time!! He isn't always a fan of car rides (he whines), so we try to take him out as much as we can so he can become more comfortable.

At a stop light... Chewie checking out the traffic
Chewie was running along the ridge of a hill near the leash less area of Town Lake... It was like he was patrolling, making sure the area is clear of all squirrels
He has really become a water dog recently. Over the past few months when we walk around Town Lake, he looks for opportunities (aka- breaks in the trees) to get into the water and swim around! As a puppy he wanted nothing to do with the water so I am happy he is now a water dog!
There are times when I try to do a self portrait of us, but there are times when I get close enough he just needs to lick me-- which is what he is doing below. Luckily I was spared the super sloppy kiss from him.
There we go... a nice photo of us in the bluebonnets

I love this picture of Chewie. He would only sit for a few seconds and of course he wouldn't look at me but it is still a perfect picture.

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Hannah said...

What a good Mommy you are Dana!! Great pics in the bluebonnets. I did to post Hannah's!