Sunday, April 18, 2010

12th Annual Mighty Texas Dog Walk

This Saturday we woke up early, crossed our fingers that it wouldn't rain on us, and headed out to be a part of the 12th Annual Mighty Texas Dog Walk. This dog walk is hosted by the Texas Hearing and Service Dogs, and helps them raise money for their organization. I did this walk years ago with Taylor, so now it was Chewie and Jim's turn to do it with me. The weather the night before was pouring, so we were pretty worried about the conditions on Saturday morning, but we were blessed with just a slight mist and cloudy weather.
Chewie did a great job around the other dogs and really just left most of them alone- he isn't much of a butt sniffer. He had some rambunctious puppies try to play with him, and he just looked at them and kept walking. We stopped at some of the booths and picked up some free treats and food as well as a couple of reusable bags. Score!!
Along with being a great way to raise money for the Texas Hearing and Service Dogs, they were also trying to win the Guiness World Record title of largest dog walk. In years past this walk held that title, but then England decided to break Austin's record and take over the title. We needed to have more than 10,272 dogs walking to beat their record. I'm sure we'll have to wait and see how many showed up, but as you can see from the photos, there were a lot of people that showed up to walk!

Chewie making sure I was still behind him!
Start of the walk! We started on the 1st street bridge, walked down Cesar Chavez, looped around near Austin High School, then walked back down on the 1st street bridge.

There were all shapes and sizes of dogs at the walk.....

There were older dogs

Dogs that licked children

Dogs that kept looking back at me wondering why I kept taking pictures of them.. good thing Chewie is used to the camera in his face :)

Dogs that wore hats

Dogs that looked similar

Dogs that wore grass skirts (Dawn, I had to do a double take to make sure that wasn't Sue :) )

Long line of walkers, we were towards the front of the crowd

Dogs that wore rain slickers

I have always thought Chewie was a tall dog until he was next to this dog. The owner said he weighs 170 pounds... 90 pounds more than Chewie!

There were plenty of watering stations along the walk

Dogs wearing blankets

Dogs wearing fabric necklaces

Big ol' lumbering dogs

Small dogs riding in carts

Big dogs riding in carts

There were also dogs that were adoptable doing the walk. There were a few rescue organizations that were there showing off their dogs

Loved the feather boa

Me and my Poo-pa

I think Chewie would eat all of my shoes if I were to make him wear something like this

After we finished the race, we got a little gold medal for finishing!! Chewie sniffed it and then walked away. I'll be a good mother and hold it for him.

After the walk, we went over to Austin Java for a little breakfast. They have a nice patio area that was overtaken by people and their dogs from the race. I had a mimosa and Chewie got his treats :) The race and breakfast was a great way to start our Saturday morning!


Optimista said...

What a great post! All these adorable dog photos made me smile!

Jen said...

Great post from a pup's perspective! Did you stop by our booth? I don't remember meeting Chewie...


Dana said...

Thanks Michelle!

Jen- I believe we did stop by the booth. Was your booth the one where you had to guess what was in the dog poop? I guessed balloons... :)