Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hope Farmers Market

I finally got around to heading over to the Hope Farmers Market. This farmers market is held on Sundays 11am-3pm on the East side of IH 35. Hope Farmers Market says that they are a weekly community gathering space for local farmers, artisans, families, and wellness workshop groups. There are a couple of different area's of this farmers market: an outdoor area where the food was, an indoor area that was split into an area for crafts (where I bought a necklace) and an area where musicians were setting up. I bought quite a bit... breads, veggies (carrots, Brussels sprouts, onions), cilantro chutney, red curry, necklace, and tamales for lunch!! I forgot to go back to the meat guy, but I'll check him out next time. I love the option to go on Sunday since I tend to work a lot of Saturdays.

Veggie Stand


I have tried cauliflower a couple of times and I just haven't been impressed. Maybe one day I'll find the recipe that wow's me

Lovely carrots.
I haven't used them yet, but I think i am going to do a stir fry with snow peas for dinner.

I picked up the cilantro chutney and curry from this booth. So far we have used the cilantro chutney on broiled fish and it was wonderful!! I had to laugh because while i was talking to the vendor, I asked if this sauce would be good on chicken. I was a bit dense and didn't realize that everything on the table was vegetarian :) OOPS.

Back room where the musicians were setting up
Some of my loot

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Hannah said...

How fun! Such bright, pretty vegees!! Miss ya Mama!