Saturday, December 24, 2011


Hello Blog world! Did you have a nice Christmas? We had a pretty nice Christmas this year, but of course it flew right on buy and now it is over :(. I don't have the holiday photos ready to post yet, but I do have some photos from Christmas Eve and the animals. Of course I chased them around with the camera while trying to dress them up. It just wouldn't be the holidays without those type of pictures! :)

The Kittens (Jelly and Slinky) were to small for all of my Santa hats so I had to quickly take a picture before they took off running in seperate directions

Chewie and I

Can't you tell that Chewie loves his Santa hat?

Jim and Chewie

The pups near the Christmas Tree

The pups dressed up next to the tree. Chewie doesn't mind the hat, but Abbey doesn't exactly like it

In fact, I'm pretty sure that Abbey is plotting a way to get back at me for making her wear a hat.

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