Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas 2011

This year Christmas really felt like it snuck up on me. I think part of the reason was due to our Seattle trip earlier in the month (which I STILL need to post pictures from!!). But we did get our tree up and decorated around the house just a little later than normal. The weather around Austin also helped get us into the Christmas mood... lots of cooler wet weather, which I loved. After the hellacious summer, any type of rain and cold is welcomed.

During Christmas we found out that the foster kittens prefer used boxes and wrapping paper as their toys over all the little cat toys that I have bought them :) They played for an hour in the wrapping paper, playing hide and seek.

For dinner we had ham, chicken Florentine, au gratin potato's, green beans flavored with a Cesar marinade, stuffed mushrooms, broccoli rice casserole, and rolls. We also had plenty of snacks before dinner... veggie tray, roasted red bell pepper dip, and deviled eggs. And for dessert we had 3 different options... a pudding and whipped cream dessert, a raspberry dessert and my Bavarian Apple, Cranberry and almond torte. We ate very well on Christmas Day!

The kids at the kids table :) They didn't mind missing out on the adult talk, they watched Christmas Story while they ate.

Poor Chewie. I know he doesn't really enjoy putting the headband on,

but look at how damn cute he is!! Don't you just want to kiss that face?!?!?

Abbey is still getting used to the headbands. She figured out that if she dipped her head it would fall off :)

Abbey and Jamie (Jim's sister)

Jay, Caden and Dawson getting ready to open presents.

Travis and Caden goofing off

Jim and I... showing off my new hat from my In-Laws. Can't wait for cold weather to wear it

Ryan with Jelly and Caden with Slinky

Opening presents in the living room

Family Photo- Even Abbey and Jelly got in the picture... Chewie was off to the side and not sure where Slinky was hiding

After everybody left, we settled in for some couch time to relax. Here is Jim and Slinky. The kittens are cool with being held for a bit, but then they want to go off and wrestle. :) They are hilarious to watch wrestle.

Me and Jelly

Freakin Adorable Photo!!

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