Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Thanksgiving Day

We started our Thanksgiving day with a 5 mile run.... well..... Jim and his sister started their Thanksgiving day with a 5 mile run, I simply drank coffee, took pictures and cheered them on. There were 21,000 runners in the race and people were all over.... people with strollers, people with dogs, people in costumes, people, people, people!

There was a band playing at the packet pick up area, good way to get the crowd pumped for the race
Jim and his sister Jamie getting ready to run!

I'm at the starting line for the race.... look at all of the people! I was looking for Jim and Jamie, but I didn't see them.

Look at how CUTE this dog is! I imagine he is really soft and fluffy and would be fun to cuddle.

Run, run run!

I love this chicks hat

I hung out on a median near Congress and Cesar Chavez to watch for Jim and Jamie run by.... and of course I didn't see them in the crowd but there were plenty of people/dogs to watch!

I have no idea how this guy didn't pass out since his entire head was covered. I'm sure the red fabric was breathable but had to be hard to run 5 miles in it. And this guy was at the front of the pack so his pace was fast.

Here we have a tequila bottle and a taco running in the race

Thanksgiving wouldn't be complete without an Indian running in the race

Lots of cute dogs running with their owners. Many had little jackets/sweaters on

Not sure why, but the Queen of England decided to change genders and then run in the Turkey Trot

A turkey and a pilgram walking together :) Shouldn't the turkey be running from the pilgram?

Lots of runners!

After the race we headed to Lubys to meet Jim's family for Thanksgiving dinner. Jims familiy prefered to go out instead of home cooking and hanging at one of the houses so we met up at Lubys for the holiday. We met up with his parents, sister and her family, 2 cousins and his aunt. It was a nice showing!

Jim's cousin Lori's Kids.... Jace, Charles, and Celeste

Jim's sisters family.... Caden, Jamie, Ryan, Travis and Dawson

Here we are one big family. Thanks to the lady walking by who took our picture! :)

And I couldn't pass up posting this picture of Chewie... he is running towards me while licking his nose. He is my adorable boo-boo! :)

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