Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Mike and Erin's Engagement Party

I'm playing catch up on the blog, so I had to go back to the middle of October for this party :) Mike and Erin got engaged this summer and are planning their wedding for next September. Their Aunt and Uncle very generously offered their house for the party. This is the house where Mike and Charlie have their boat on Lake Austin so we have visited the house a few times. The party was beautiful and of course having Lake Austin as your backdrop is always pretty darn nice.

Jason, Ashley, Jim and Lindsay enjoying some cocktails and the view

Jim, Jason and Charlie

Some of the ladies.... Cheryl, me, Erin (the soon to be bride), the next two ladies are Erin's friends from Colorado and can't remember their names, and then Lindsay

Giving the speeches

Lindsay, Chris Jim and I

And to end the post, me and my bud Lindsay!

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