Sunday, November 06, 2011

Friends, Road Trip and a Wedding

We carpooled with our friends to Houston for a friends wedding last weekend. I don't know the couple very well, but Jim went to college with the groom. All of our friends were going so we knew we would have a fun time :)

We were cutting it really close driving to Houston hours before the ceremony. Once we reached our friends mom's house, we had 30 minutes to change and get to the ceremony. Classy people that we are, we got done what we needed to and made it to the ceremony by the hair of our chinny chin chin.

We found the church with about 5 minutes to spare BUT this damn church was freakin massive and we parked on the wrong side. So we walked very fast while following the signs, and made it just as they were shutting the doors to the church. I'm not going to lie.. I was worried this was going to be a traditional church ceremony but we got lucky and it was only about a 30 minute ceremony. The pastor, who was youngish, was kind of cheesy talking how the groom had to wait on the bride hand and foot and joked about them having kids soon. It wasn't my type of ceremony but maybe they liked it.

Lindsay, Ashley, me and Tammy in front of the Rolls, that will drive the bride and groom from the ceremony to the reception. The car even had it's own bottle of Grey Poupon. As you can see... tall girls on the left, short girls on the right.

We spent a few minutes talking with friends after the ceremony and before the reception. Here is Jim, Jason and John.

Here we are at the ceremony... all of the ladies :)

(accidental deleted the picture...will re-add soon)

Chris, Jim, John, Amil, Guy in the background, Chris and Chris (we know a lot of Chris' :))

Hubs and I

Our Sexy Feet photo

Lindsay and I with Tammy sneaking in the photo in the background :)

Erik, Jim, Charlie and Jason

Erin, Tammy and I

Jim's fraternity brothers with the bride, Madelyn

Charlie and Jennifer

Erin and Mike

Tammy and John

Ashley and Jason

Jim and I

Chris and Lindsay

Everybody on the dance floor watching the bride and groom dance (and me sneaking on the floor to take the picture :)

Back to photos in the middle... I was to lazy to fix the photos above :)

Madelyn with her sister and dad dancing

Jennifer and Charlie dancing the night away

The wedding had a live band, which was really fun. The only complaint I would have, is they seemed to be very limited on the songs they knew. I think we heard Brickhouse like 10 times... either that or it was the longest version EVA.

Julie, Whitney and Ashley taking a break from the dance floor

Madelyn and Chris dancing

Erin, Ashley, Lindsay and Jennifer

Chris showing he can "move like Jagger" (current song reference for my older blog fans ;)

Jim and Chris (the groom)

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