Sunday, November 13, 2011

Bud Bones goes to his first wedding

A few weekends back we went to a friends wedding in Houston. I thought Bud needed to get out and see the world so off we went!

The chapel was beautiful and HUGE. We parked on one side of the buildings and it turned out we were on the wrong side,,,, so off we went in search of the right chapel.

Bud really thought the car was cool, so he wanted to take a picture in front of the car and pretend like he is a big baller :) (tough guy/rich guy for those of you unsure of what a big baller was)

Bud peeping around a column at the church

Once at the reception I put down my purse at our table and Bud decided to walk around to check things out. He found the "gifts" for the people attending the reception and decided to dig in and hang out. No gold chocolate coins for you Bud!

The food at the reception was really good! I sampled a little of everything and Bud thought that gave him a free pass to sample from my plate. He only took a nibble or two so I let him have some.

Who knew Bud was such a flirt! Here he is with the ladies... I wonder if that little bugger was trying to look up our skirts?

The wedding cake was very pretty! It was also surrounded by waiters and waitresses,,, so I am surprised that Bud made it so close to getting a taste before the rest of us! Luckily I found him before he took a chunk out of the cake.

Ahhh... the joys of an open bar at a wedding! Bud stuck with Gin and Tonics all night and he even convinced the bartender to let him tend bar for a few minutes.

After a few to many Gin and Tonics, he was using the glasses to help prop him up.

Bud met the groom and wanted to hang out with him for a little bit so he could be the center of attention. Chris let him hang out in his vest (a little hard to see him since it is white on white). He wasn't as transparent as he thought, John spied Bud hanging out with Chris!

Bud really enjoyed his first wedding and liked sitting on the dance floor watching people dance the night away.

Where will Bud show up next???

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