Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Day Off

Today I picked up a new friend at Toy Joy. He accompanied me on my day off while I ran some errands. I haven't figured out his/her name yet but I'm sure something will come to me soon.

After Toy Joy, we went to Jo's Coffee on Congress for a drink then walked around doing a little shopping.

He was curious about the art cows around the city so he climbed up to get a better view

We had heard that Johnny Depp was at the Continental Club recently so we had to stop by

All that walking made us hungry so we stopped at a newish food trailer called Hill Country Pierogi. I tried the Bacon Pierogi while my little buddy watched. Somebody needs to teach him that it is rude to stare. The pierogi was really good, I look forward to eating there again.

My little buddy decided that he wanted to try driving. This didn't work well since he couldn't reach the peddles.

After the stressful time driving we headed to my massage appointment. While I was taking off my shoes, he decided to jump ahead of me and get on the bed. Ummm... mama doesn't play like that. He was promptly put in my purse for the remainder of my appointment.

After the massage we walked down to the Farmers Market to pick up some veggies for dinner.

It was time to meet the pups. They were a little cautious of him but ultimately they became buddies.

He must have said something to make Chewie laugh

We ended our day with a nice meal at home!! Hopefully soon I'll have a name for my little friend because I'm sure we'll be seeing more of him.

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