Friday, November 18, 2011

Pit Bull Awareness Weekend

A couple of Sundays ago Abbey and I headed out to Republic Park in Downtown Austin for a Pit Bull Awareness Weekend. I wasn't really sure what to expect but it was a really great festival with plenty of booths, lots of great looking and behaving dogs, and an awesome Frisbee show!

Abbey checking out the other dogs and items around her

Abbey greeting this pup (butt sniff) with an awesome pink Mohawk

(a little hard to see from behind)

This cutie was totally content wearing a cow costume

The festival had a fun show of dog catching Frisbee,,, these dogs were amazing and seemed like they flew through the air and amazingly picked the Frisbees out of the air


Might be the cutest puppy ever!

(well... right behind our dogs and any of our family/friends dogs)

As we were leaving the festival, I noticed that a booth was painting dogs toe nails. Midtown Groomers were painting nails for a donation to a local pit bull shelter. Abbey isn't fond of people touching her feet so I wasn't sure how she would react. We got her up on the table okay but that is when she gave me a look like "What in the Hell is going on?"

Abbey has black toe nails so the groomer had to put glitter on top of the nail polish :) My little girl's first experience with glitter! :) Abbey was not as excited about the polish as I was, so after a lot of wiggling around (and at one point 3 people holding her in place), we stopped with her front paws. They looked pretty good, but I bet that will be the last time that Abbey has pink glittery toe nails :)

The festival was a great time and I'm glad that Love-A-Bull is trying to turn peoples perception around of Pit Bulls. I know Pit Bulls have a horrible reputation when in reality it should be the jackasses that raise the Pit Bulls incorrectly that get a horrible reputation. The entire park was swarming with Pit and Pit Mixes and I saw ZERO fights and minimal agression (no more than what I see at dog parks). I hate the reputation Pit Bulls have, but with more public awareness like this festival hopefully things will start to turn around.

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