Sunday, November 20, 2011

Shrinking Lake Travis

Last week Abbey and I drove out to Lake Travis to walk around Sometimes Island. Since the water is so low at Lake Travis, you can now walk from Mansfield Damn park to Sometimes Island. I was shocked at how low the lake is currently! I was curious to see how low the lake has been in the past and I found this information (found on LCRA's website).....

Current Lake Travis: 626 feet

Exactly one year ago: 668 feet

2 years ago 648 feet

Lowest on record (records go back to 1943) in Nov: 616.98 (lowest ever was 615.29 Aug 1951)

We are currently just over 10 feet away from the record, and I have a feeling we'll beat that record. Based on the history of the lake, the low was typically for a month or two but then it started to raise back up. So let's hope that we can start raising back up soon!! We need rain, and lots of it!!

From the Mansfield Damn Park. At one point where I was standing was underwater, but that was due to an insane amount of rain one spring (I believe it was in 2006).

Abbey standing on rocks that are typically under water.

LOVE this picture of her! Little Miss Adventurer

One of the many boat ramps closed on Lake Travis. I believe all ramps were closed by August of this year due to the water being so low

At the end of the boat ramp... as you can see no way a truck could get down there towing a boat.

Lots of old beer cans were littered along the shore... so old they had the pull tabs on the top!

Here is a picture looking back at Mansfield Dam... and typically this part of the lake is under a lot of water and can't be seen.

There were a TON of stumps out there. I remember hearing that before the lake was damned it was an orchard, and it makes sense seeing all of the stumps out there.

Even an old trash can was out there

Transmission? or some type of mechanical part

Hello! I bet the last time I was this far out in Lake Travis, I was on a boat floating around. Who knew I would be walking along this part of the lake!

Where is Abbey? Hiding along all of the brush that has sprouted up

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