Sunday, October 16, 2011

I went to 2 baby Showers in the same month and survived

My friend Vannessa is very close to having her little baby boy. Her mother in law and sister in law threw a baby shower for her about a month ago. It was a great little party, her in-laws really know how to throw a shower! Great food, fun games and good friends!

Opening gifts

Playing a game where you have to reach into a pillow case, feel around, and then write down everything you felt. I did pretty good but the mom's in the group kicked my ass.

I took Vannessa's maternity photos a few weeks ago at Mayfield Park. I love this park! So many great and diverse areas for pictures in a small area. She is a beautiful pregnant lady!!

She was such a good sport... we laughed a lot, I sweated (thanks to a late burst of summer in Sept), and I think we were able to get beautiful shots.

The Mama and Daddy to be!

While at Vannessa's first shower her mom pulled me aside and let me know she was also hosting a baby shower in a few weeks. She would have it at her house with their family. I always have fun with her family so I didn't mind going to 2 baby showers :) The boys got together to play "Poker for Pampers" while we were at the shower. Basically their buy in to the game was a package of diapers. And in the boys eyes, it was a great time to get to have boy time together while the ladies were at the shower.

I failed miserably at this game,,, you had to cut off a piece of string that you think would fit around Vanessa. Let's just say my piece of string was big enough to go around both of us :)

One of Vannessa's friends who got pretty darn close

Did you really think you were going to get through a post without a self portrait?

Lindsay, me, Vannessa (looking gorgeous), Ashley and Whitney

After the baby shower we drove over to Matt and Vannessa's house to meet up with the boys. As you can see, they had a few beers before we got over there.

The poker game was played in 3 stages since they had so many people. Chris is waiving the one finger salute towards me.

The entire night was a really fun time! Can't wait to meet Baby Gavin, he is due in early Nov. I am hoping that it falls on our wedding anniversary so I can remember his birthday :)

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