Sunday, October 09, 2011

Being damn picky is annoying when shopping

I have wanted a new coffee and side tables for quite awhile now. When Jim and I moved in together we picked out a cheap set to get us by, but now I am ready for a change. I have some ideas of what I would like to get but I haven't really found it, or at least I haven't found it in my price range, in Austin.

I searched around Etsy and the internet and I found a few pictures of what I think (would really need to see it in person) I would like. Now I just need to find these coffee tables in Austin :)

I found this coffee table at Crate and Barrel and I am finding that I am drawn to tables that have a mix of wood and metal. I think this table was around $600 or so... more than I wanted to spend for just the one table. I'll be keeping an eye out to see if it goes on clearance :)

I found this table on a website called It is a website where individual artists sell their work. The only issue is that most of these tables are far far away from me. I like the lines on this table, but I would have to put a piece of glass over it so it would be a smooth surface. Love the color of the wood.

I like the size of this table, the unique legs and the space in the middle to hide remotes and anything else. I would worry about the amount of dog hair that might get stuck in the middle :)

This reminds me of the 2nd table, but without the space in between the slates of wood. I like the variety of color and the metal frame. This table seems like it would be for a dining room table but of course I would want it smaller for a coffee table.

The coloring and the legs of this bench would look awesome as a coffee table

Can you sense a theme here? Dark wood, pieces of wood, metal frame? Yes, I believe i have found my style I am looking for.

I did come across a few side tables that I liked. I like the color difference between the top of this table and the bottom. I am drawn to the clean lines and having a top and bottom shelf.

I love the shape of this side table, but not in love with the color.

While I was looking at Crate and Barrel's website, I saw this side table and liked the simple shape of the table, but not sure it is very usable as a main side table. Not enough room for a lamp to sit on

There are lots of great options out there... just need to find the right shape, color, size, style and have it be near Austin. :)

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