Sunday, September 12, 2010

Vannessa's Bachelorette Party

On Saturday the girls got together to have a little fun for Vannessa's Bachelorette party. We started our night at the house with some snacks, a decent amount of wine, and a lingerie party! I made roasted red bell pepper hummus, crackers with goat cheese and pesto and a tomato chutney, and a flatbread pizza with caramelized onions, pancetta and Gorgonzola cheese. You know I won't turn down an opportunity to host a party and cook for people! :) I'll eventually get some of those recipes loaded onto the blog.

From left to right... Vannessa, Whitney, Jennifer, Erin, Lindsay and Tammy

We had a blinky light sash and tiara... we had one blinged out Bachelorette!

Lick the pee pee pop, lick it!

Vannessa got some good loot at the lingerie party!
Of course Chewie and Abby were in the middle of everything. Here they are play fighting, and not 2 minutes after that Abby walked around and licked every bodies legs and toes.

Me and my ding ding sticker

Lindsay rocking out the ding ding sticker

Erin and her ding ding sticker



Jenn and Lindsay

A toast to the soon to be bride

The party crew

Getting ready to go see some ding ding's swing!!! The whole La Bare experience was a blast. I can't say that any one of us looked at these guys wearing their banana hammocks shaking their bon bon's and thought "this is soooo hawt!". Instead we laughed a lot, our jaws dropped at some of the acrobatic moves, and then our jaws dropped even more when Vannessa decided to start smacking the dancers ass. He seemed to enjoy it (well, I guess that is part of his job) so we cheered even louder. Going to La Bare will never be a weekly, monthly or even a yearly thing, but it is a must for every lady to go at least once in their life!! (I've been to some type of ding ding club 3 times in my life).

Here we are with the cowboy dancer. Me, Ash, Tammy, Jenn, Lindsay, Whitney, Tiffany, Erin and Vannessa

Soooo... there were signs all over the place saying no pictures allowed or you would get kicked out. Hmpft. I had to try... and I got his photo and a few others :) But they were taken with my phone so quality isn't exactly there but you get the idea. This is the Cowboy (as seen above in the group photo) doing a well executed handstand on stage. He had great balance :)
Lindsay, Erin, Vannessa and I... it was a totally fun night!

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