Sunday, September 12, 2010

Home Slice Pizza

A few weeks ago we met up with friends for a night of pizza, beer, and good conversation. We went on a Saturday night, so we had about an hour wait until we were able to be seated. It wasn't terrible because we snagged a little table and had a waitress bring us some frosty beverages. The heat was almost unbearable, and the sweat that was accumulating down my back was down right gross. But right when I was at my breaking point, our name was called and we ventured inside to gouge ourselves on pizza.

Supawn, Steven, and John... assuming the position

Jim, me and Nicole... assuming the position

We started off with the house salad, which was fresh and had a nice dressing to it. For the table we ordered:
#6- Sausage, ricotta cheese, and roasted red pepper

#2- White pie with spinach (olive oil, garlic, mozzarella, ricotta, provolone and romano)

#4- Spinach, roasted red pepper, green olives and onions

Those pizzas are MEDIUMS! When they started to deliver the pizza's we had no idea how they were going to fit on the table! I had already decided that I would sample all pizza's, which meant I would have to unbutton my top button on my pants to make room for all of the pizza in my belly. I started off with a slice of the #4 pizza, and really liked the flavors. The green olives gave a nice salty bite to the pizza and worked well with the other veggies and cheese. Next I moved on to the #2 White Pie pizza. Looking at the pizza I thought, this is going to be a fantastic cheesy experience. But I was disappointed, it lacked flavor. I think the ricotta was overpowering to the rest of the flavors, with the large globs on the pizza. Maybe it wouldn't have been so bad if they were smaller globs? Or maybe I'm just not a fan of ricotta?

I eyeballed the last pizza and all of the ricotta cheese debating on if I really wanted to try it or not. The other obstacle is that i don't care for sausage. I decided to give it a go just to see if I liked it. I didn't mind the ricotta as much on this pizza as the white pizza, and maybe it was because the toppings on this pizza had stronger flavors?

Overall I thought Homeslice was a good pizza joint, and one of the better ones in Austin, but I can't say that it would compete with back east pizza. I thought the crust was to thick and seemed to be missing some magic spice that NY pizza's have. I'll go back to give it another try because the pizza was good.... well, the pizza without the globs of ricotta was good! But I won't be going back because it reminds me of pizza when I go back east to visit family.

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