Monday, May 26, 2008

Holy Shizzz... May is almost over

This month has flown by!!! I swear it was just Easter and we had much better weather. I hate to say it but I am already sick of the sweaty hot weather. I dislike sweating. After growing up in AZ I guess I had it good... lots o' heat, but very dry. I will say that I won't be moving back to AZ anytime soon (sorry Az friends, but it's true), but I miss ZERO humidity. I don't want to think of the next 4 months of crappy hot weather. Hopefully I'll be spending a lot of time on the lake with friends and sipping on fruity adult drinks. Our new favorite drink is a pina colada with a little bit of melon liquor. YUUUUUMMMMMM!

I have a few things to catch you guys up on... like me taking pictures at a charity event (wooohooo), a new and possibly bad kitchen gadget buy (it was one of the gadgets they sell on TV... Jim and I both wanted it so we bought it), and all of the Memorial Day events! I had a little snafu with my computer and the lack of memory, but I think I have it fixed so I can start sending out pictures again.

Work has been busy and slightly exciting. I might be moving to a new location which means more responsibility and a whole bunch of new issues and challenges. I think it might be a week or so before I really find out. I don't want to say a bunch about since I don't really know who is reading my blog but I will be staying with my current employer. And of course, e-mail me and I'll give you the details (a HUGE thanks to Angela for helping me list the pro's and con's of moving!.

I hope everybody had a wonderful and safe Memorial Day weekend!!!

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