Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Working Lunch

So the title is a wee bit misleading. Yes... I met up with a co-worker for lunch... No we weren't really working. We came up with a list of restaurants that we wanted to try and meet up for lunch once a week (some times freakin work gets in the way and we can't meet up). For this particular visit I knew it was going to be delicious... I have eaten at Peached Tortilla many times. But it was Jenny's first time and I knew she would love it.  I wanted to eat at this trailer because the food is alway solid and today did not disappoint. I ordered their special of Bacon Jam Brussels Sprouts and a Bahn Mi taco.  Jenny ordered a crispy fish taco, BBQ beef taco and the bacon jam fries. We hardly talked... To busy shoving food in our pie holes. :) The Bahn Mi taco was stuffed full of crispy veggies and pork belly. And those Brussels sprouts were so good... The bacon jam added on top was fantastic. Then again adding bacon jam to a piece of cardboard and it would taste delicious.
Chalk this up to a delicious working lunch!! :)

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